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 A word on Muskies Canada...

Muskies Canada is an angling club whose interests extend beyond the mere catching of fish...
We also share an interest in the preservation of our target species, Muskellunge, and we hope to enhance this fishery by our direct involvement in the management of the species. The projects and programs we are managing have all been designed to raise the public's awareness of the muskellunge fishery as well as to protect it.
Some of our numerous other projects include: Radio Telemetry projects on two Ontario rivers, Identification Sign projects in southern and eastern Ontario, and spawning habitat protection projects throughout Ontario. We annually participate in numerous Sportsman's shows and conduct seminars for other angling clubs and community youth organizations such as Scouts and Guides. More information on these and all of our other programs is readily available by contacting one of our National Executive Directors, or a local Chapter Chairman.
Our goals
  • To enhance the sport fishery for muskellunge in Canada.
  • To protect and enhance the muskellunge fishery in Canada through the wise use of the muskellunge resource and participation in research projects, habitat protection and improvement projects, and scientific studies of the species
  • To support the abatement of water pollution.
  • To promote the exchange of muskie information among he angling public.


Muskies Canada Sport Fishing and Research Incorporated or Muskies Canada was founded in 1978 and incorporated in Ontario on March     20, 1981. The club functioned as a single entity until 1987 when geographic Chapters were established.
Muskies Canada is a family club which annually averages 600 members in our thirteen Chapters; eleven in Ontario, one in Quebec, and one in New Brunswick. Our membership extends far beyond the boundaries of the individual Chapters, with members living across Canada and south of the border in the United States. We pride ourselves in the cooperative attitude we share between our Chapters and we extend this cooperation to other similar organizations, government agencies, and business concerns. We believe that our record of concern and cooperation with government agencies is among the best for organizations of our nature.
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