Pull/Pitch/Jig Baits

  • Crappie

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Hot Orba

    Hot Orba - The new bait from Bondy Bait Co...The Hot Orba. This bait is made for slow rolling down long points in southern reservoirs, open water casting over offshore structure on pelagic prey lakes, down deep drop offs and along weed edges just about...

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  • Chartreuse

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Mini Wobbler

    Mini Wobbler - @ 6" and 4.4oz the Mini Wobbler packs a punch considering its size.  The mini Wobbler is a recent Bondy creation, check out the video below to see its action.

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  • Chartreuse

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Original

    Bondy Original - The Original Bondy scales at 7oz and measures to 7.5"  Check out the videos below for a demonstration on action and technique. (Videos don't display on the Facebook page)

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  • Red & White

    Naze Baits - 9" Livid Fish

    CASTING THE LIVID FISH The Livid Fish is a lure that cannot be fished incorrectly.  Rip it, crank it, slow retrieve or fast, be confident that you are fishing it the right way every cast USES+ Use as a crank, jerk or twitch bait+7 inch model...

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  • Hot Perch

    Phantom Lures

    Phantom - HardHead - Medium

    Individually hand-painted, factory-tuned and tank tested, the ultra-durable Phantom HardHead is our answer to old-school, all-soft plastic jig baits that die after one fish. Given musky tend to slam the head, the front is built from torture-tough, high...

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