Musky Innovations

  • Orange Tail Sherbert

    Musky Innovations

    Muskie Innovations - PRO Dawg - Magnum

    2016 Redesigned PRO Dawgs! All new harness Perfect weight and lead placement help the bait run deeper More "hop" on the jerk and pause No top hook for better hooking percentage Reg: 5 oz. and 2- 3/0 hooks Mag: 8 oz. and 2- 7/0 hooks Super Mag:...

  • Perch

    Musky Innovations

    Muskie Innovations - Magnum Plus Under Dawg

    Magnum Plus Under Dawg - Weighing in at 10oz the Under Dawg's rounded body dives deeper into the water on cast than a regular/pro Magnum Bull Dawg.  Two vertical Bull Dog tails for great "live" look and added vibration. (One tail is over and...

  • Musky Innovations - Swimmin' Dawg

    Musky Innovations

    Musky Innovations - Swimmin' Dawg

    11" in length, 7 Ounces, 5/0 Hooks Designed by professional guide and swim bait guru Luke Ronnestrand Can be used on a straight retrieve or with a pull/pause retrieve Forward front hook design allows head hunting fish or fish that grab on...

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