Jerk/Glide Baits

  • Slim Sinking Hunchback 011

    Bruce's 5" Sinking Slim Hunchback Jerk

    Slim 5" Sinking Hunchback Jerk - This handmade custom wood Bruce Lure is a slow sinking bait that can be straight realed, twitched or trolled.  These Hunchback baits have a fast side/side action.    

  • Hot Perch

    Phantom Lures

    Phantom - Softail - 10"

    Individually hand-painted, factory tuned, and tank tested, the Phantom Softail combines the giant 2' side-to-side wander and durability of Phantom glide bait with the realistic feel and sexy twerk of a replaceable grub tail. Sink with a nervous...

  • Suick - Weighted Thriller - 12" (Magnum)

    Suick Lure

    Suick - Weighted Thriller - 12" (Magnum)

    Oh it’s Big all right.... The newest Thriller from Suick " The Magnum" This massive 12" jerk bait reaches the market with one goal in mind Trophy Muskies & Pike. Available in eight colors, non-weighted and weighted versions. This is the...

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