Phantom - Viper Standard - 8"

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6.00 Ounces

Viper Top Water 

Are made of solid, high impact plastic specifically chosen for its wood like characteristics. Then they’re hand painted, given 3-D eyes. and finished with a quality high gloss epoxy finish.  All baits are constructed with durable stainless steel hardware.

The Viper is a awesome topwater bait. While sometimes considered to be another topwater “walk the dog” style lure, its differences set it apart from the rest.

The Viper rides much lower in the water than other baits, thus increasing your hooking percentage by 3 or 4 times over similar baits. Because of the way it runs, you produce a splash and wake that attracts fish. Most fish hit this bait hard.

Another major difference is the way the bait slightly rolls when twitched. This produces a tremendous fish attracting belly flash! Fished slowly, it glides effortlessly with each rod twitch, but try retrieving it at a faster rate and watch it dart, dance and spray water. It can also make an up and down motion in addition to the side to side glide. The Viper is a very versatile bait!