• Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Dirdy B - A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. Counter rotating front and back blades froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.   9.5" from tip to rear hook tip

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  • Round Lake Perch

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Obnoixous B

    Obnoxious B - A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. With rotating back end and a Jitterbug style lip up front you'll really froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.  Check out the video below for its amazing action. 8",...

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  • Loon

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama Psycho Sis'tr

    Psycho Sis'tr - A large profile tail bait that moves a lot of water and can produce fish in heavy chop or calm conditions. 6.75" 3.9 oz (Body length, 9" with hook off the back end.)  

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  • Chaos Tackle

    Chaos Tackle - Medussa - Husky

    Medussa - An exciting, life-like and explosive swim bait! Three durable tails create its unique action as you Rip, Troll, Pull, Jerk or just simply Cast and Crank back into the boat. Regular: 13", 7.8 oz  -  Husky: 15", 10.5 oz  - ...

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  • Musky Innovations

    Muskie Innovations - PRO Dawg - Super Magnum

    2016 Redesigned PRO Dawgs! All new harness Perfect weight and lead placement help the bait run deeper More "hop" on the jerk and pause No top hook for better hooking percentage Reg: 5 oz. and 2- 3/0 hooks Mag: 8 oz. and 2- 7/0 hooks Super Mag:...

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  • Hot Perch

    Phantom Lures

    Phantom - Softail - 10"

    Individually hand-painted, factory tuned, and tank tested, the Phantom Softail combines the giant 2' side-to-side wander and durability of Phantom glide bait with the realistic feel and sexy twerk of a replaceable grub tail. Sink with a nervous...

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