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  • Suick - Weighted Thriller - 10"

    Suick Lure

    Suick - Weighted Thriller - 10"

    Suick 10" Super Sized Weighted Thriller. Here’s a big boy of the Suick Thriller family for the serious angler with action that can’t be beat. Ädded weight with long pulls provides a slow rise. Deadly for Muskies & Pike Number...

  • Suick - Weighted Thriller - 9"

    Suick Lure

    Suick - Weighted Thriller - 9"

    9" Original Weighted Suick Thriller that began the legacy. One of the most productive lures ever designed. The classic dive and rise darting action is something Muskies can't resist. The 9" Original Weighted Suick increases the hang time during the...

  • Toothy's - Original - Size 9

    Toothy's Tackle

    Toothy's - Original - Size 9

    The Toothy’s Original bucktail is built for durability and consistency. – less resistance for increased turbulence.  This product is fished best with powerful cranking reels at all retrieves. Engineered blades start faster and spin...

  • Toothy's - Saber - Size 9

    Toothy's Tackle

    Toothy's - Saber - Size 9

    These new Saber Series blades offer less resistance and a different vibration to show the muskies just that little something different. Designed to be easy to retrieve so you can cast them all day. These baits are 7.5″ in length and weigh 2 oz.

  • Toothy's - Tickler - Size 9

    Toothy's Tackle

    Toothy's - Tickler - Size 9

    The Toothy’s Tickler bucktail excels at power fishing with its unique triple tail action to trigger monster muskies. Its single-hook system (3) features curly tail trailers 

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