Kelly Kustom - Knockout

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3.50 Ounces
The Klassic

Size 10 Magnum Blades - 3.5oz. - 10"

The Flagship of the KK family! The appropriately named "Knockout" will put every Musky down for the count in the bottom of the net! The Industry standard in Twin-Ten blade baits! Size 10 blades have put more Muskies in the boat than any other lure in recent history! "The Knockout" is no exception! Its Durability matched with a vast Variety of colours, there's no other Lure on the market that can compare to the "Knockout"

The "Knockout" weighs in at 3.5 Ounces and is 10 Inches in length. The Size 10 Magnum blades provide the knockout power needed for putting those toothy critters in the bottom of the net!