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  • Crappie

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Hot Orba

    Hot Orba - The new bait from Bondy Bait Co...The Hot Orba. This bait is made for slow rolling down long points in southern reservoirs, open water casting over offshore structure on pelagic prey lakes, down deep drop offs and along weed edges just about...

  • Atomic Dawn

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Magnum

    Bondy Magnum - 9", 11oz.  An upsized version of the tournament proven Bondy Original. 

  • Thames River

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Prophet

    Bondy Prophet - The new 'Bondy Prophet' crankbait is a multi year project by Jon Bondy to make an indestructable crankbait featuring the size and shape of the Original Bondy Bait. This bait is made from solid plastic with through wire construction, 5/0...

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  • Black/Orange

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Royal Orba

    Royal Orba - Weighing in a 7.7 ounces and measuring out 13" with tail the Royal Orba is responsible for some monstrous catches since its debut in 2014. 

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