• Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Dirdy B - A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. Counter rotating front and back blades froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.   9.5" from tip to rear hook tip

  • Round Lake Perch

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Obnoixous B

    Obnoxious B - A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. With rotating back end and a Jitterbug style lip up front you'll really froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.  Check out the video below for its amazing action. 8",...

  • Fire Tiger

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Twisted Sis'tr

    Twisted Sis'tr - A tail bait with a distinctive pop. Made with thin wire and a swivel front hook. Steel blade is easy to tune and stays tuned.

  • Loon

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama Psycho Sis'tr

    Psycho Sis'tr - A large profile tail bait that moves a lot of water and can produce fish in heavy chop or calm conditions. 6.75" 3.9 oz (Body length, 9" with hook off the back end.)  

  • Red & White

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Musky Taker

    These can be trolled or cast for great results. Made with .051 stainless steel black oxide wire. The black wire gives it a more natural appearance in the water. Armed with a 7/0 hook imbedded in 1 1/8 oz. head, then a 7/0 trailer hook attached...

  • Crappie

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Hot Orba

    Hot Orba - The new bait from Bondy Bait Co...The Hot Orba. This bait is made for slow rolling down long points in southern reservoirs, open water casting over offshore structure on pelagic prey lakes, down deep drop offs and along weed edges just about...

  • Bondy - King Daddy Royal Orba

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - King Daddy Royal Orba

    Since 2014, the Royal Orba has been seen its share of trophy catches bringing many heavy ladies to our port and starboard sides.  Weighing in at 11.6 ounces and a total length of 17" it slides nicely into a profile that we have been...

  • Atomic Dawn

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Magnum

    Bondy Magnum - 9", 11oz.  An upsized version of the tournament proven Bondy Original. 

  • Chartreuse

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Mini Wobbler

    Mini Wobbler - @ 6" and 4.4oz the Mini Wobbler packs a punch considering its size.  The mini Wobbler is a recent Bondy creation, check out the video below to see its action.

  • Chartreuse

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Original

    Bondy Original - The Original Bondy scales at 7oz and measures to 7.5"  Check out the videos below for a demonstration on action and technique. (Videos don't display on the Facebook page)

  • Thames River

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Prophet

    Bondy Prophet - The new 'Bondy Prophet' crankbait is a multi year project by Jon Bondy to make an indestructable crankbait featuring the size and shape of the Original Bondy Bait. This bait is made from solid plastic with through wire construction, 5/0...

  • Black/Orange

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Royal Orba

    Royal Orba - Weighing in a 7.7 ounces and measuring out 13" with tail the Royal Orba is responsible for some monstrous catches since its debut in 2014. 

  • BL Special

    Chaos Tackle

    Chaos Tackle - Medussa - Custom - Regular

    Medussa - The most exciting, life-like, and explosive looking swimbait - Chaos Tackle wanted to create something that just blows you away from the first time you see it, absolutely comes to life when it hits the water, and looks like nothing...

  • Chaos Tackle - Medussa - Regular

    Chaos Tackle

    Chaos Tackle - Medussa - Regular

    Medussa - An exciting, life-like and explosive swim bait! Three durable tails create its unique action as you Rip, Troll, Pull, Jerk or just simply Cast and Crank back into the boat. Regular: 13", 7.8 oz  -  Husky: 15", 10.5 oz  - ...

  • Okoboji

    Custom X

    Custom X - Fury 6.5"

    Cast and troll. Hard swimming action with side to side wander. Cranks down to 8' and trolls up to 5 mph to depths of 18'. 

  • Flamethrower

    Custom X

    Custom X - Mini 5"

    witch, crank and troll. Tight swimming action. Can be twitched from the surface to 4' deep, cranks down to 5' and trolls over 4 mph down to 7'. 

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