Topwater Baits

  • Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Dirdy B - A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. Counter rotating front and back blades froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.   9.5" from tip to rear hook tip

  • Fire Tiger

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Twisted Sis'tr

    Twisted Sis'tr - A tail bait with a distinctive pop. Made with thin wire and a swivel front hook. Steel blade is easy to tune and stays tuned.

  • Loon

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama Psycho Sis'tr

    Psycho Sis'tr - A large profile tail bait that moves a lot of water and can produce fish in heavy chop or calm conditions. 6.75" 3.9 oz (Body length, 9" with hook off the back end.)  

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