Topwater Baits

  • Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Dirdy B

    Dirdy B - A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. Counter rotating front and back blades froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.   9.5" from tip to rear hook tip

  • Fire Tiger

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama - Twisted Sis'tr

    Twisted Sis'tr - A tail bait with a distinctive pop. Made with thin wire and a swivel front hook. Steel blade is easy to tune and stays tuned.

  • Loon

    Big Mama Lure Co.

    Big Mama Psycho Sis'tr

    Psycho Sis'tr - A large profile tail bait that moves a lot of water and can produce fish in heavy chop or calm conditions. 6.75" 3.9 oz (Body length, 9" with hook off the back end.)  

  • Baby Duck

    Naze Baits - Tin Head

    The Tin Head gets its name from its metal equipped head and its doltish wobble on the water.  Its quick, nervous, yet heavy footed action is the Tin Head’s calling card.  The Tin Head combines the best of both worlds--a physically large...

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