• Thames River

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Bondy - Prophet

    Bondy Prophet - The new 'Bondy Prophet' crankbait is a multi year project by Jon Bondy to make an indestructable crankbait featuring the size and shape of the Original Bondy Bait. This bait is made from solid plastic with through wire construction, 5/0...

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  • Chartreuse Sucker

    Custom X

    Custom X - Chubby 8"

    Twitch, crank and troll. Pulsating swimming action. Can be twitched and cranked down to 8' and trolled over 4 mph to depths of 15'. 

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  • Okoboji

    Custom X

    Custom X - Fury 6.5"

    Cast and troll. Hard swimming action with side to side wander. Cranks down to 8' and trolls up to 5 mph to depths of 18'. 

  • Flamethrower

    Custom X

    Custom X - Mini 5"

    witch, crank and troll. Tight swimming action. Can be twitched from the surface to 4' deep, cranks down to 5' and trolls over 4 mph down to 7'. 

  • Okoboji

    Custom X

    Custom X - Mini 8"

    Twitch, crank and troll. Tight swimming action. Can be twitched from the surface to 5' deep, cranks down to 7' and trolls over 5 mph down to 10'.

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  • Llungen - .22 Short

    Llungen - .22 Short

    The .22 Short is the first of three award winning Smokin’ Bones musky and pike crankbaits that Llungen Lures will be bringing to market over the next three years. Originally designed by Chad Harmon, the .22 Short crankbait is one of the HOTTEST...

  • Llungen - Chad Shad

    Llungen - Chad Shad

    The Chad Shad, originally designed by Chad Harmon, leverages a tight action while offering a moderate dive curb. Known for catching BIG musky or pike on the troll or cast, the Chad Shad’s one-of-a-kind rattle seems to call in the largest fish in...

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  • Jailbird

    Minotaur - Minotaur 7.5"

    7.5" Handcrafted Cedar Custom Airbrush Paintjobs Durable Industrial Epoxy Coating All Stainless Hardware 1/8" Shatterproof Lexan Lips 4X Strong 5/0 Muskie Hooks T'd Mid Hook

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  • Musky Innovations - Shallow Invader

    Musky Innovations

    Musky Innovations - Shallow Invader

    The shallow invader is a hybrid crank bait. The front half is hard plastic and the back half is a soft plastic replaceable tail. This construction gives the shallow invader a very unique swimming action unlike any other crank bait on the market. They can...

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