• Boutique Walleye

    Northmen Outdoors - Big Dirty 8's

    The Big Dirty - Built to last with the highest of quality components.  The Big Dirty is made from .062 wire forms and hand tied custom colour skirt patterns.  .040 Double Magnum Blades, 3X Mustad top hook size 6/0 (6's and 8's) 7/0 (10's and...

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  • Boutique Walleye

    Northmen Outdoors - Cabbage Cutter 8's

    Cabbage Cutter - Available in 8's, 9's, 10's and 12's the Cabbage Cutter is the new BIG inline spinner from Northmen Outdoors.  Triple Skirts make these inlines POP, the triple weight lets them fly for miles.   Avaliable from Muskie Boutique...

  • Toothy's - Tickler - Size 9

    Toothy's Tackle

    Toothy's - Tickler - Size 9

    The Toothy’s Tickler bucktail excels at power fishing with its unique triple tail action to trigger monster muskies. Its single-hook system (3) features curly tail trailers 

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