• Blackfly Flash Dancer

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Flash Dancer

    Flash Dancer - 12” of undulating, aggression provoking, happiness for the angler. Fashioned on a .051 stainless steel wire base,add on two 5/0 eagle claw 3X treble hooks,3D effect holographic skirts,topped off with two 2 ¾” blades...

  • White/Red

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Musky Grub

    Musky Grub - This is a tantalizing lure consisting of real bucktail and a 10" Kalin Grub for a total length of 14". This unique fish catcher has two separate hook systems attached to the bucktail: 2 single 7/0 Eagle claw hooks attached to each other, and...

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  • Red & White

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Musky Taker

    These can be trolled or cast for great results. Made with .051 stainless steel black oxide wire. The black wire gives it a more natural appearance in the water. Armed with a 7/0 hook imbedded in 1 1/8 oz. head, then a 7/0 trailer hook attached...

  • Blazin Walleye

    Handlebarz - Double 10's

    Double 10’s - Are made with .062 stainless steel wire, heavy stainless split ring, two large clevises, Solid Brass beads, One 5/0 VMC treble hook that is shrink tubed to keep it from tangling, Two magnum 10 blades Finally they are dressed with 2...

  • Brass Monkey

    Handlebarz Egg Head

    These were developed to fill the gap that musky fishermen have when fishing open water or in deeper parts of lakes and rivers. Unlike most Spinner baits on the market our hook can easily be cut off and replaced to get a quick safe release of your musky...

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  • JH Baits - Fat Slob - # 10

    JH Baits

    JH Baits - Fat Slob - # 10

    This Marabou and Hackle combo bait was developed with the fellas at "Slobland Flicks". Weighing in at 4.8 oz, stretching a full 12", and finished with Mag 10 blades, this bait is a heavyweight. Only powder coated blades, solid beads,...

  • JH Baits - Flashbang - # 9's

    JH Baits

    JH Baits - Flashbang - # 9's

    The J.H. Bait classic. A marabou body tipped with a hackle/flashabou tail. The bait can be built with MAG 10 or MAG 8 (#9) powder coated blades. It's roughly 10.5" in length and 3.5 oz in weight. .062" wire, #8 clevises, solid beads, built on wire coils...

  • JH Baits - Quickie - # 8's

    JH Baits

    JH Baits - Quickie - # 8's

    Recently, single bladed baits have become greatly overlooked. Outfitted with a Mag7 powder coated blade and weighing in at 3.3 oz, the Quickie was designed with burning potential in mind. The bait is built on coils and incorporates solid beads on .062"...

  • JH Baits - Snappy 7's - # 7's

    JH Baits

    JH Baits - Snappy 7's - # 7's

    The ultimate spring bait. 9" long, 2.0 oz. and #7 Colorado blades. Like the flashbang, this bait is a full marabou bait, tipped with hackle and flash. Solid beads and body make this bait easy to cast, while the downsized powder coated blades reduce...

  • The Klassic

    Kelly Kustom - Knockout

    Size 10 Magnum Blades - 3.5oz. - 10"The Flagship of the KK family! The appropriately named "Knockout" will put every Musky down for the count in the bottom of the net! The Industry standard in Twin-Ten blade baits! Size 10 blades have put more Muskies in...

  • Llungen -  DC9 Marabou

    Llungen - DC9 Marabou

    The Llungen “Big Strike Mike” bucktail edition is one of  the  newest & hottest show sellers for 2017! These marabou DC-9’s are all hand tied and made from the finest materials available on the market. Field...

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