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  • Blackfly Flash Dancer

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Flash Dancer

    Flash Dancer - 12” of undulating, aggression provoking, happiness for the angler. Fashioned on a .051 stainless steel wire base,add on two 5/0 eagle claw 3X treble hooks,3D effect holographic skirts,topped off with two 2 ¾” blades...

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  • White/Red

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Musky Grub

    Musky Grub - This is a tantalizing lure consisting of real bucktail and a 10" Kalin Grub for a total length of 14". This unique fish catcher has two separate hook systems attached to the bucktail: 2 single 7/0 Eagle claw hooks attached to each other, and...

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  • Red & White

    Blackfly Lures

    Blackfly Musky Taker

    These can be trolled or cast for great results. Made with .051 stainless steel black oxide wire. The black wire gives it a more natural appearance in the water. Armed with a 7/0 hook imbedded in 1 1/8 oz. head, then a 7/0 trailer hook attached...

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